Berro Lounge

BERRO LOUNGE restaurant and bar IS NOW OPEN in the Orchard Centre.

Loungers was founded in 2002 by a trio of long standing friends, Dave Reid, Alex Reilley and Jake Bishop. Having spent years in the restaurant and bar trade they decided it was time they did their own thing. The motivation was simple and very selfish; they wanted somewhere to drink themselves.

Berro Lounge is 'home from home', offering delicious food and drinks, all day. It brings people together and the unique atmosphere changes hour by hour with each new wave of customers. The aim is simple: every customer leaves happy.

There are board games for big and small guests, toys for the really wee ones, and even refreshment for canine guests. Old or young, big or small – just pop along to be looked after.

Quizzy Mondays! Join in every Monday at 8pm for a chance to win cash prizes.

    Opening Times

    Monday9am - 11pm
    Tuesday9am - 11pm
    Wednesday9am - 11pm
    Thursday9am - midnight
    Friday9am - midnight
    Saturday9am - midnight
    Sunday9am - 11pm