The John Radcliffe Hospital information session

The John Radcliffe Hospital information session

The John Radcliffe Hospital will have an information session at the amphitheatre, Orchard Centre, on 20th June from 11am to 5.30pm. They detail the session as follows:

Our stand aims to engage the public on the topic of cancer immunotherapy, a new and promising therapy that aims to harness the super powers of our own immune system to fight cancer. This therapy won last year’s Nobel Prize in Medicine and is an area of active research in our medical research institute.

We will have a few simple games to engage children in this topic. In one of the games, children will play the role of an immune cell, and will have to find the cancer cells in a ball pit of healthy and cancer cells. They will do this against the clock, for a the chance to have their name on our results board. We will ring a bell every time the game is completed, to intrigue passers-by on our stand.

For adults, we will have demonstrations using an electronic, interactive diagram to explain in more detail how this therapy works and how it can help fight cancer.

One researcher will have an usherette tray with a portable activity for children to play.

Visitors will be able to take home a leaflet, stickers and a Nobel Prize chocolate medal. All the researchers will be wearing a super hero cape, as part of our message that cancer immunotherapy is about harnessing our own super powers to fight cancer

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